Q: When did you encounter a computer for the first time?


DK: A computer? The first computer that I used was a desktop Mac that Dad brought home 2 or 3 years ago. I also had a Nintendo Super Famicon when I was in elementary school. The cash register at our sushi bar had an LCD monitor, and so, I did not have any special feeling about encountering a computer for the first time. Dad probably bought the Mac to calculate the salaries for his employees and keep books, but he mostly used it to play games with me, to draw pictures, or to communicate via Nifty-Serve instead of using it for business. I used to play with the Mac, but now I have a Windows 95 machine and use that to netsurf. I don't have any special purpose for it.

Q: How did you then get into the personal computer?

DK: Get into the personal computer? You don't mean I literally get "inside" it. When you communicate through your computer, you might feel as if your partner were in the personal computer. It would be quite scary if someone were really inside a personal computer, don't you think? Anyone who thinks that I am "non-existent" because I am a virtual idol may believe that I exist only in the personal computer or in the world of computer graphics. But those who think that Kyoko Date is someone they can relate to may believe that I am like a pen pal people used to have when it was cool to have pen pals. Kind of like a creature living in people's hearts. It's hard to explain.

Q: Japan is currently evolving as a computer society at a rapid pace. How are you personally dealing with the computer society of today?


DK: Is computer something extraordinary? It isn't that you are great because you know how to use a computer, or you are not great if you cannot use one. Speaking of how I am dealing with it, the refrigerator, microwave oven, and PDA, for example, have computers inside, don't they? Computer, therefore, seems like something for granted. I don't think of it as "dealing with the computer" or something complicated like that. It is something that is there even if you don't know it.

Q: What made you decide to get in to show business?


DK: My character itself was spotted working in Lotteria near the Fussa Station by somebody at HoriPro. You know that all these character from computer games are really popular now, and so this man from HoriPro said: "With the best CG technology available today, we will create the fist CG idol in the world. You will be bigger than Chun Li, Sarah or Laura!!" I sort of get tickled by it.

Q: Could you tell us some interesting episode about yourself that exactly represents your character. For instance, your mother has told you that sukiyaki is made with pork when you were young, and you has not had any second thought about it until one day your friend tells you sukiyaki is made with beef. To hide your embarrassment, you tell your friend that you don't like beef, and since then, you insist on pork for sukiyaki. Something like that.


DK: My voice is somewhat childish, but I am more like a boy. When I was younger, I used to play with kids from the Gaijin House around the Gaijin Forest (now kids call it Emeron Forest) in the neighborhood. I always got my clothes all dirty with mud. I also played soccer until I was in junior high. I am now learning how to box as part of rhythm practice and diet. Dad often goes to a Yakitori place called "Bonchi" near the Fussa Station. The old man there who is definitely over 70 is a former boxer ,and he can still do push-ups with one arm. I was always impressed by him and wanted to be strong even when I get old. In junior high, whenever I see someone getting beaten up, I ran for rescue. My mother thought it is not a girl-like thing to do, but Dad thought it was cute.

Q: Do you have any artist you look up to or someone you some day wish to be like? Also, please tell us about your plan for the near future.

DK: I don't have any idol of mine because I am in CG. Like singers, actresses, characters out of animated films and voice actors, Virtual Idol is a new category. Therefore, I first want the people to know who Kyoko Date DK-96 is. As to the near future, I will be in a TV ad and release a CD this coming fall.

Offiziell veröffentlichtes Interview von HoriPro (1996); Übersetzung, Formatierung des Textes und die eingefügten Bilder von mir.